My Name is G.P.

My name is G.P. I am a 31 year old single mother from Dix Hills. I did two tours in Iraq. When I came home I fell apart. I was homeless, a brand knew baby boy and no roof over our heads. A veteran at the VA in Nothrport, NY gave me the number for Semper4Veterans, and talked with Mr. Carlos Espinoza. Mr. Espinoza gave me advice, and tried to find my son and I housing. He helped us out alot, and gave us $250 dollars to be used for transportation, baby clothes, diapers and food. It was very sweet for Mr. Espinoza and Semper4Veterans to help us out when there was noone else to go for help. There needs to be programs out there for veterans. There is no reason why we should stand on the same line as everyone else. There are no programs out there for single mother veterans and I know I am not the only one in this predicament. I want to thank Mr. Espinoza and Semper4Veterans for their commitment in helping veterans and their families. Without Semper4Veterans help I don’t know what i would have done.